Only a woman can do a wonderful balancing act – manage so many things and responsibilities and complete all her tasks nicely and yet take time out to keep oneself absolutely fit and healthy and stays on top of everything – Darclee Warshoff is one such power house of a woman.

She is a STRONG mother of three children, is a valuable employee and colleague and works efficiently in real estate office of Missey Fernandez at WorldWideRelo. She loves keeping fit by exercising daily at the ‘You Fit’ Health Clubs in Wellington and can’t live without her daily running regimen. She is an active member of Wellington running club.

Besides exercising and running, Darclee is very fond of traveling and loves to explore, unexplored territories and new countries. She has covered most of the states in US and in Canada. She has been to Mexico, Brazil and Peru in South America. Not to forget, that she has traveled across Europe – she has visited close to 10 countries in that continent.

Being a staunch believer of healthy body and keeping fit and an exercising and running freak, she has gone on several trekking trips across US, Canada and Europe.

Her employer – Missey Fernandez only has good things to say about Darclee – about how Darclee has single handedly managing all and more responsibilities in her role as an Executive Assistant to Missey, in fact much more than what is expected from her.

Darclee has been in Missey’s employment for past several years and is responsible for all the administrative work in the office besides her EA role. She manages all kind of transactions related to real estate. And according to Missey, Darclee is a perfect transaction coordinator for everything and anything. She is one person to reach out to, in case anybody in the office needs anything or help.

Darclee is an ideal employee that any employer would like to have.