Darclee Warshoff is a good example of somebody who has mastered maintaining a perfect balance between her professional and personal life and her ability to take time out for herself and her passion – Travelling, Exercising, Running.

Simply looking at her, would give a good idea about how much time and efforts she has and continues to invest in herself for keeping fit, healthy and happy.

In her professional life, Darclee works as an Executive Assistant to Missey Fernandez in her (Missey’s) real estate firm – WorldWideRelo. She also manages other office administrative responsibilities. She manages both the roles and associated responsibilities with equal ease and efficiency.

As per Missey, it would not be practically possible to work or run in the office, without Darclee being there for even a single day. Darclee has been able to make herself indispensible by the hard work, knowledge, dedication and focus for the office and colleagues. If any information or file is required, anything has to be arranged, then Darclee is the go to person. She is equally adept at managing front office, customer services, back office, scheduling showings and presentations for Missey and team, incharge of all marketing and mailings, transaction coordinator for all types of transactions etc.

In short, Darclee has earned the tag of one woman army. Everybody is just amazed by her energy and ability to manage everything and anything.

Along with her professional commitments, Darclee is able to take sufficient time out to follow her three passions in life – Exercising, running and Travelling.

She is a fitness freak to the core and a good one at that. She has a very good, healthy and toned up body, thanks to her rigorous exercise regime, which she manages everyday without fail.

Running is her another passion. Being a member of a running club, she has been a keen participant in almost all running and marathon events – whether they are professional marathon competition or running events for Charity or Causes.

Having covered entire US, most of Canada, some countries in South America and almost ten countries in Europe makes Darclee a serious traveller, who likes exploring new places along wither her kids.