If there is anything that Darclee Warshoff cannot miss in her daily schedule, that is her running and exercising regime, which she follows very religiously. She is rightly called a fitness freak and exercising fanatic by her family, friends and colleagues.

Darclee maintain a great physique and healthy body and a lot of people, friends and colleagues come to her for taking advice about losing weight, healthy diet and having a great & leaner body. They are keen to get her suggestions about the kind of exercises they should do in order to get a physique like hers.

Darclee ensures that she manages at least three hours for exercising and running every day. She is a member of the ‘You Fit’ health club in Wellington and Wellington Running Club.

Darclee has been able to achieve her leaner shape because of her passion, hard work, single minded focus and devotion towards exercising and running. She is an example of dedication to a lot of people and has always been excited and forthcoming in sharing her experience, expertise with them all and also in advising anybody who has sought her help with regards to fighting obesity or good muscular body and healthy diet.

Both exercising and running are her passion along with travelling. Her participation in lot of running events has given her the opportunity to travel to different states across US and several countries across the world. She is also crazy about Trekking, Mountain Trail, Hiking and Cycling.

She has not limited her passion to herself only, she, herself has participated in numerous running and sporting events and marathons. She ensures participating in running events which are organised for charity, social causes, awareness, and community services. Besides her own participation, she makes sure that most of her friends and colleagues also participate in such similar events.

Since, Darclee strongly advocates having a healthy and strong body; she has got a lot of her friends, acquaintances and colleagues to take up exercising.

She is a source of inspirations for others to take up running, exercising and cycling for a healthy and happy life.