Darclee credits her good health and fitness to daily exercises, running and healthy food consumption and eating habits. She ensures devoting enough time to jogging in the morning and exercises in the evening.

She has been following this routine for so many years and hence, has achieved a good level of expertise, which is sufficient enough to be able to advice others.

At the gym, she follows a healthy mix of cardio and strenuous exercises, which are aimed to ensure full body workouts. Express Circuit is one such routine which are quick, easy to follow, manage and cover resistance and cardio training. By putting in three hours a day at the gym and also following Yoga and meditation has helped Darclee tremendously in maintaining a healthier and fitter body.

The morning jogs and exercises keep her energetic through the entire day and she surprises everybody by the amount of work she is able to manage, complete and still looks active, ready to take on more.