Darclee Warshoff

Darclee is an adventure junkie, who is addicted to anything related to adventure and she is a ready to try out new activities, sports and games and is a keen follower of X-Games. She can’t stop herself from enjoying dangerous rides at theme parks and participating in events and activities, whether alone or with Joseph and Ellie or friends.

Since, she is already into exercising and running, her excitement and temptation to go onto heart stopping rides at Disneyland, like Roller coaster, Free fall is never ending. She is always on the lookout for adventurous and death defying activities and games. Participating in such games gives her a high and gets her adrenaline going. Whether it is something that she has already done or something new, she is always game for giving it a try.

Traveling, which has taken her to many states in US and countries around the world, has also provided her immense opportunities to try famous adventure related activities. Where ever she has gone, she kept separate time in her itinerary to try out different adventure games and related activities.

The list such games and activities that she has done is just endless. She has tried her hand at almost everything in US or other popular attractions in other countries.