In our daily life, we don’t want to go to work every day!!! Everyone wants to earn money without any hard-work and dedication. Many people force themselves to go to work and many others drag themselves during their whole shift. Said by an author, “Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it”. It is true that without hard-work, one can’t achieve his/her goal. In order to achieve this, the person should be highly active, dedicated and determined. There are many others who work extra in their normal working hours because they understand the importance of time and its utilization.

I, Darclee Warshoff was an Executive Assistant and Office administration / coordinator in my company. When I came to this office, the work here was very new to me and it took quite a long time to get it understood. I also faced many challenges but just because of my hard-work, sincerity, focus and dedication I achieved this position. When you achieve something big from what you expected is all because of your determination that you show towards your work. I received many accolades from my owner and was also appreciated for my work. In free time, I also used to engage myself in helping my fellow colleagues in their data, records, files, details, etc. Time is the only thing that cannot be hold by anyone whether it’s rich or poor. That’s why; I always utilized my time by keeping myself engaged in doing one or the other work.

Is dedication to be shown only towards work?? No, dedication should be shown in every sense and in any of the way. It is also shown when you do your best job; you start being productive, etc. There are many employees who do not feel appreciated. They start becoming negative and decrease their productivity. At this point of time, the head of the company should be responsible to increase their morale. This would result in their job satisfaction and increased productivity too. That employee in turn will continue to be productive in his/her work in order to accomplish the variegated objectives of the company.

Put the best utilization of your time and do not let anything to distract you from it. You will be shocked by the number of success that will come to your door. When the same will come, you will be highly delighted that your dedication and your hard work resulted in your success.