Being a working woman, you may feel difficult to balance your personal and professional life. The situation becomes worse when you have kids to be provided with and in other hand, you have administrative responsibilities in your office. However, it would not be good to say that to make a proper balance between your professional life and personal life is impossible. An appropriate strategy and your competency would help you win the situation. For example, here you may take the strong and powerful lady, Darclee Warshoff. She does not only a mother of 3 lovely kids, but also being an executive assistant, she leads all the administrative responsibilities at Missy’s Real Estate Firm. She leads both the roles competitively, and never compromises with a little bit of the responsibilities. When the executive assistant appears as a mother to her kids, she keeps a close touch with her all three kids and loves them all equally. She never forgets to take them to the tourist places at the weekend and makes fun with them like other mothers who love their kids.

When it comes to her professionalism, Darclee Warshoff is competent, and keeps all the work done well. Though she is an Executive assistant, yet she handles all most all the administrative activities in competency. She does everything in a manner and always looks filled with the power, passion and desires for doing the things in an appropriate way.

The fact that Darclee Warshoff gives a proper time to her daily exercise would make you surprised. Really, it is a surprising thing, how she makes a balance of all the aspects of her life with her busy schedule. Being a regular member of You Fit Health Club, she goes to the health club daily to maintain her physical fitness. She is passionate to be fit and healthy, and of course I think, it is the main cause to be competent in all the things.