Life is for living, and everyone wants to live it in the best way possible. Though the methods of living may be varied for different persons, yet one thing for all is common, and that is to be happy in life. However, to be happy is as difficult as to persuade a monster for being constructive. Most of the people always bear the piercing experience of the problem whether it financial, physical, mental or social. Just see, whatever the problem is, you take it on mind and it finally becomes a mental problem also. Here Darclee Warshoff says that there are some rules of character that can make you happy. Being positive and satisfied can make you happy even when you don’t possess a lot of money and luxuries.

She has been able to construct his positive attitude towards life. With her family, especially with her children, she feels that she has all what makes her world happy. Her personality and inner qualities presents a great inspiration to be happy in all the situations. Suppose that you have financial problem, however it will tease you mentally also. Though every problem is not easy to be overcome, yet the mental problems are the most difficult ones. She advocates for being positive. Whatever your situation is, it does not matter much, but it mostly depends on how you take it. What kind of your attitude you have with it. If you have patience and confidence, positive attitude and satisfaction with your achievements, you would be able to overcome it.

Darclee Warshoff believes that in this wonderful world, God has given so many things to live with. And these things make us pleased. She also reminds that it is almost not possible to have all them with you at the same time. If someone has a thing what you don’t have, it may become a reason of your unhappiness, and sometimes it can make you disturbed to the great extent. Ok tell me. How would you overcome this situation? Like most of other, you would like to achieve the same thing or anything better than that to make you feel comfort. Can you be happy after getting it? If your answer is yes, You, I think, are mistaken. Indeed, you would find some other thing (with someone else) what you don’t have, and you would be caught by the mental dissatisfaction again. That is why getting valuable things cannot give you satisfaction. So, you should be satisfied with those what you have. Certainly, try to get better then what you have or what you really need, but don’t try to get anything better than others have. Otherwise you would not be satisfied in life, and you would feel yourself always a mean creature.