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Darclee Warshoff’s mugshot blog series continues to highlight why avoiding DUI or DWI charges is crucial to one’s reputation keeping. The aim is to promote a sense of social responsibility and make one realize of the many consequences – the emotional aftermath that has shattered many lives.

Driving privilege withheld – This is not new to anyone who has had a license revoked because of breaking traffic rules, but then, what makes this different is the experience you endure. What must it feel to be branded a criminal? What it must feel to have been subjected to police inquiry? The experience must have been both, emotionally and psychologically shattering. For all, irrespective of what charge they endure, such incidents leave you with a deeply shameful and humiliating experience. For this reason, Darclee Warshoff’s mugshot blogs stresses on the need to abide by the law to evade such incidents.

The courtroom experience – The sense of shame remains even when out of jail. In fact this feeling increase as you realize that you need to defend yourself at the court or rope in a lawyer – something you never imagined as a law-abiding citizen. For a DUI defendant, the average number of appearances at the court must be three – the least – but this could increase depending on the case complexity. If you are convicted with DUI or DWI, the one benefit of hiring a lawyer is their ability to represent you at the court of law. This minimizes the number of appearances you would need to make. However, as the defendant, you still need to face the judgment if the case goes to trial. This is indeed a deeply agonizing and shameful experience, especially if you are judged innocent after the verdict.

As a accused in the court of law, people tend to label you as a high risk to society. Post several court appearances and the final conviction – assuming the verdict is sealed – you will still have to go through the entire process of reinstating your driver’s license – this attracts a SR-22 insurance certificate sanctioned by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In addition, the DMV may also want you to install an ignition-interlock device in your car that requires you to blow into an electronic breathalyzer device every single time you start the car, just to prove that you haven’t consumed alcohol or any intoxicant. These add up to the embarrassment quotient and shatter your self-belief as a safe and responsible driver.

Another embarrassing bit is public humiliation. The approach to drivers found guilty of drinking and driving and those who are convicted of DUI is serious. In certain parts of Texas, the mandatory punishment is wearing a vest inscribed with ‘DUI’ or ‘DWI’ and cleaning the highway litter. The accused are made to attend ‘Victim Impact’ panels where they must face and provide answers to questions of those who they have harmed. Most states have started the trend of revealing names of criminals, including those convicted of DUI in local newspapers. Humiliating mugshots, names and complete details of the offender and his/her offense is printing on paper and posted on websites for all to view. Punishments are specifically designed to instill a deep sense of ignominy, so that they never commit a crime, ever again.