Here is a story of a person who was arrested for DUI a few years ago. Whenever I think about him, I feel the sting and pain that he must have endured and all that was due to a few drinks he’d have with his newly-wed bride. Today, Darclee Warshoff’s mugshot blog series talks about a program that was conceptualized by a local Pastor to assist those convicted of a crime or offence and have served their time in jail – a story that is different to none.

Darclee Warshoff‘s mugshot blog takes you on a journey into the life of a man less known to many, but a person who took his task seriously and made all efforts to help offenders make amendments and reinstate their image by choosing the righteous path – a path less trudged by many. When you get out of jail, you would not get out with much to your credit – all the toil and labor to earn a decent reputable status in society is washed out in an instant. With just a bus ticket and a little cash to spare, it would be long before several other offenders are back in jail, and this local pastor took in his stride to help change all of that.

As human beings, we make errors and bad judgment. Most people end up in prison because of a bad decision made in a split second. It is this decision that costs them years of their life. That said, aren’t human beings designed to make errors, but what if those errors cost a precious life? This gets the pastor to think at times, but then, we all deserve a second chance.

The pastor is launching a unique after-prison recovery program that is faith-based and diverts the offender away from addiction. It looks at aspects of recovery after spending prison time. The program is specially designed to let people know that there is life after jail time and that there are many ways to bounce back on track and reinstate their lost reputation. This has not been easy but the mere thought of being able to assist such people to get their lives back together after incarceration or a criminal charge is a rehabilitating thought in itself.

The recovery program introduce classroom sessions wherein convicts who have served their time in jail get together and dive into aspects of best ways to recover after humiliation. Besides the daily classes, weekly drug tests, and unannounced police visits are included. The program helps in job assistance and the program cost is deducted from their wages. There are many addiction-relief counseling programs that are more deep-rooted to tackling the cause rather than offering senseless solutions.