Children are vulnerable when outdoors and if it is about their safety on the road, you need to be extra cautious. Among adults, the elders are as vulnerable as a child, which is why Darclee Warshoff’s mugshot blog series takes a closer look at this important aspect.

We all need to use the road to arrive at our intended destination, be it to buy groceries, for shopping, taking kids to school and back, going to work and back, visiting friends, relatives & colleagues, shifting homes, delivering mails, or just to enjoy a stroll during evenings and so on. We need the means to commute or the link that connects us from our starting point to our destination. What we need to worry about is how to stay safe when traversing through these links or so-called ‘roads.’

We count on the roadways for many reasons, and Darclee Warshoff’s mugshot blog series takes us through a few tips we can have handy to ensure an accident-free and injury-free journey. With an alarming account of deaths caused by accidents on the road, especially inflicted on pedestrians, we need to closely watch out for any potential danger, when crossing or even walking on pathways that fringe along the main roads. But do keep in mind that the risks still hovers over and there is no guarantee that one will not fall prey to accidents or injuries despite all precautions.


  • Check out for pedestrian crossing road signs, use zebra crossings, overhead bridges, underpasses and sidewalks.
  • Be attentive and alert at signal crossings
  • Use footpaths as much as possible.
  • Wait for the vehicles to completely come to a halt before crossing the road.
  • Be alert of cyclists and other pedestrians when alighting from your vehicle/public transport


  • Do not sprint across the road without checking whether the pedestrian ‘walk’ signal is green.
  • Do not cross in front or in between of stationary vehicles
  • Do not cross if the ‘red man’ signal is on and the ‘green man’ signal is still flashing.
  • Do not zigzag through lanes where traffic is moving slowing.
  • When in a vehicle, do not stick your head out or any part of the body.
  • Tips for parents
  • Be calm and patient when crossing the road with children.
  • Always park your vehicles at designated areas.
  • Educate your kids about road safety and rules to cross the road (in case they plan to be out there by themselves.)

 We can only hope that people driving take extra care to watch out for stop signals and pedestrian crossing areas to avoid an unwarranted situation. This is a choice that we can make to ensure safety rules are adhered to and accidents are minimized.