It is a depressing truth, but women are in danger when driving alone, especially after dark. The good news is, assaults, burglaries and various other issues are very unusual, however they do take place. So if you are out by yourself, there are actions you can take to ensure safety and security. Darclee Warshoff urges to use mugshot prevention tips to stay clear of such incidents and stay safe.

Darclee Warshoff asserts that a mugshot is an unpleasant incident tagging you as an offender, but to be the victim is worse still, hence, offer safety tips for women when they are alone on the streets.

Prepare while approaching your automobile– have your keys out of your bag as you approach your vehicle, but do not use the key remote until you are next to the automobile. Always check before you enter that there is no person hiding nearby, then lock the doors when you are securely in.

Keep all doors locked– this is particularly important when driving in the evenings or in rough or remote locations. You stop at a red signal and it takes a burglar merely a few seconds to break your car windows and steal your bag, snatch you cell phone or harm even do so with the intention to harm you. Though keeping all doors secured helps avoid an aggressor from getting into the car to assault you, but that is not enough. One safe tip is to keep the car engine running when you stop at a signal to prevent a sudden attack. By the time the perpetrator manages to crack your car window, you will be able to drive off immediately.

Keep all belongings concealed– don’t leave valuable items, such as your purse, laptop or smart-phones on the passenger seat. You should also stay away from driving if you have worn pricey jewelry or watches that show when your hands are on the wheel.

Keep renovating– attempt to stay away from stopping in remote or strange areas, also to request directions when you are lost and never stop for any individual who blinks the car headlights at you from behind or pulls alongside your car, directing at your tyres. Look out for someplace safe and well lit, such as a garage or a convenience food drive-in kiosk or diner, and pull in there to get instructions or inspect your car.

Get your car serviced on time– have a chart that marks the service date needed for the car. This way, even the slightest of problems can be dealt with immediately before it escalates and causes you something valuable, as valuable as your life. You are less likely to wind up in an unforeseen circumstance in which you might be left at high risk to your life.

Keep the gas-tank full– no woman wishes to be stranded by the roadside hanging around to be saved, so make certain you keep your gas tank topped as much from running out of fuel. Routine servicing is also essential to lower the potential risk of engine failures.

Keep your phone with you at all times and battery charged, count on nobody, never ever pick up stranded people on the roadside and hitchhikers. Keep a map, or have a GPS tool installed in your car.