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In continuation with Darclee Warshoff’sroad-trip tips to avoid a mugshot by following simple rules, we must be vary of our surroundings and keep a close watch if we notice someone following us.

1. Keep an eye on the sky and check for the weather condition before you set off on your road trip. If possible, prepare a route map around the climate condition of the places you will cross to and the destination. A small detour might work wonders to conserving your time significantly. Darclee Warshoff’s adds that a mugshotis likely to occur if you plan a trip during rough weather conditions that may result in error of judgment while driving.

2. Search online for traffic updates and pay attention to the radio program on the road conditions as well, specifically when you are approaching major cities. If you don't have a cell phone, there are all-news terminals which work too and are your best option. Remember not to rely too much on the GPS system as that may stop working due to technical glitches. Having a GPS tool alone is not a foolproof plan, and hence, Darclee, recommends bringing a comprehensive map or road atlas as backups just in case. A location mapping application on your cell phone works as an additional must-have tool for lengthy trips.

3. If you are driving a rented vehicle, have the vehicle thoroughly checked for all utilities and fittings, as well as its equipment such as the horn, brakes, clutch and emergency headlights and rear-lights.

4. Lock all of your prized possessions, especially items that are visible and valuable, in the glove compartment of the car or stash all the baggage inside the trunk.

5. Acquaint yourself with a local visitor’s traffic regulations, which differ from one state to state and specifically in other countries, if you are traveling abroad and plan to rent a vehicle to commute. Is it permitted to make s turn at a traffic signal? Or is there a mandatory or free left turn? Exactly what are the policies on allowing pedestrians to cross?

6. Just before venturing on a long tour by road, be sure that your car is in top shape and that there are no disorders or need for tweaks, check if the tires are air-filled appropriately and all necessary fluids are at their proper levels, especially the gas tank. It is best to have an expert mechanic do a thorough and comprehensive check of the vehicle before any trip.

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