It is always exciting for an enthusiastic teenager to receive a driver’s permit. It is not less than any thrilling event that has happened in one’s life. However it is also true that some of the guardians take this event with a feel of panic and fear. They also feel anxious and restless thinking of the risks to their loved one and other people on the road. However, they feel pleasure for their youngsters that the driver license gives them independence of driving on the road. Darclee Warshoff advises that teenagers are vulnerable to mugshot incidents and to avoid this, despite their excitement to hit the road in their four or two wheelers sitting behind the wheel, they need to be careful and extra cautious. With proper care and obeisance to traffic rules, driving can be made safe and enjoyable. She thinks that the condition becomes worse only when the novice has little or no knowledge about vehicle handling.

In order to avoid the mugshot and hazards, Darclee Warshoff wants that guardians should be aware and cautious to take peculiar steps for their children’s safety. They should consider their responsibility about tutoring, disciplining and administrating their kids. She thinks that during the first one year, they should talk with them about safe driving telling them about the precautions that are utmost necessary when driving on the road and especially on expressways.

When it is talked about driving classes and courses, they can help novices handle vehicles in an effective way. Age does not matter much for driving courses. Whether you are a teenager or a grown up, you can take the help of driving lessons and become a cautious and knowledgeable driver.

There are a lot of things that should be observed before you have access to the steering wheel. If you have a detailed inspection of your vehicle, it would give you a right idea about it. For example if you come to know that breaks are not in a good condition, you should get them fixed immediately and if you get stuck mid-way in a bad situation, until help arrives, handle the vehicle with care. You should not take any kind of risks to speed on the road. However Darclee Warshoff suggests all drivers to avoid driving until they get all their vehicle parts fixed and serviced properly.

Always avoid driving in bad weather conditions. if you are incapable of handling the vehicle against threats created by the monsoons, snow or fog, learn how a car should be controlled in such weather conditions, especially when it begins to slide. Advanced driving skills training is a must for every driver to understand and implement safe driving methods on road.