We all want that perfect physique and a healthy lifestyle and if it a marriage celebration you have been invited to, it gets you to think if you will have enough time to shed off some weight and look near as stunning as your best friend – the bride to be. So, the event is soon approaching and it’s only a couple months until you have time to get slimmer and how do you achieve it. Darclee Warshoff helps you find an easy and convenient way to shed off some weight before you attend the event.

The thought of weight loss could mean days of restricted meals and workouts, but not so. It is not as bad as you think it would be. All you need to do is to start incorporating healthy foods in your daily diet and do a few exercises at home regularly. Darclee Warshoff writes about simple and effective breakfast meal options that we should add to our daily regime to not only lose weight but get healthy.

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To achieve a slimmer physique, do some warm ups with stretching and get on to performing 4-5 reps of crunches, reverse crunches and cardio workouts. You can do so at home for half an hour each day. Next is to look at changing your current foods and substituting it with healthy, fat free, sugar free and low-sodium ones. One of the best ways to lose weight is to include a lot of protein at breakfast.

A high protein breakfast helps increase metabolism and control cravings in between meals. Research reveal that eating close to 30 grams of protein each day at breakfast increases the synthesis of muscle protein by about thirty percent compared to a typical lower protein and high carb breakfast. Those struggling to shed off a couple of pounds and cannot control their usual cravings means that they are not consuming the right kind of foods for breakfast. A recent study also recorded that those who ate eggs and toast at breakfast would eat over 400 fewer calories compared to high carb breakfasts of cereal, milk and toast or croissants (which is high on fat content.)

For the first week, switch to breakfasts comprising of approximately 30 grams protein to increase the feeling of fullness. Ensure that you include foods with amino acids that help build and preserve lean muscle mass. If you are not able to add such foods, you can add resistance training to your daily workout routine to get a leaner physique. Include low-fat milk, yogurt and egg whites and muesli that are protein-loaded as breakfast meals. Substitute sugar with honey for sweetness. These foods comprise of approx. 25-30 grams protein and 400-500 calories.